Second Chance Group works to set up animal shelter and boarding kennels

Coober Pedy Animals Second Chance initiative has been operating in Coober Pedy in one form or another for at least 40 years. By all accounts, the form that has initiative has taken for most of the time, is the body of one woman – Dawn Jones. Since arriving to Coober Pedy about 40 years ago, Dawn has volunteered countless hours to assist malnourished, injured, and otherwise in need dogs and cats.

Along the way various people have offered assistance where they could. Chris Butler is one such person, witnessing Dawn’s work over the decades, and partnering with her whenever possible. More recently, Sabrina Troisi – a Coober Pedy resident and business owner for 10 years – has stepped strongly forward to work with the Second Chance Animal team. In July this year Sabrina set up a GoFundMe page dedicated to ‘fundrais[ing] enough money to be able to purchase a building in town for animals to be looked after’.

But this latest injection of energy has gone beyond just fundraising. When Sabrina put the call out in August for interested locals to come to a meeting to talk about the animal shelter idea, a dedicated group of locals came together and have been meeting ever since. In a town without a vet, they are keen to work together to find ways to better look after the domestic, or domesticable, animals of Coober Pedy.

Sabrina and Chris sat down with Melissa Brave of Dusty Radio on October 12 2023 to talk about where Coober Pedy Second Chance Animals has been, and where it’s heading…

Coober Pedy Second Chance Animals Part 1

Part Two of the interview jumps off after Sabrina is asked, ‘How many people came along to that first meeting when you made the first call-out for interest in setting up the shelter?’