Open Mic Arvo at the Opal Festival

Open Mic Arvo at the Opal Festival

Have you been hanging out for an opportunity to share your song, music, poetry, stories or other performance with a friendly local crowd??

This Opal Festival Day is your chance!

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, Dusty and our Travelling Art Camp friends are set to co-host an Open Mic space at the Town Oval on the main day of the Opal Festival day – Saturday June 18th.

From about 3.45 pm to 6pm we’ll have Stage 1 all to ourselves and you are invited to come and play on it!

If you’re wondering what an Open Mic space is, essentially it involves people who’d like to share a performance of some kind – very often music-based but can be a poem, a story, some other kind of presentation – coming together, in front of an audience, and sharing that performance. Usually there’s a board of some kind showing the line-up of performers, and people write their names on it as they arrive, or the organizers do. Open mics can be as various as the places they happen though. We can add our own styles and ways of doing it.

The basic plan for Saturday the 18th is to provide a very chilled, low key, low stakes kind of space for people to be able to share without any major pressure. Meanwhile, if you really want to draw a crowd, a few of us will go around and stir up interest before your act. What ultimately transpires will depend on who decides to come along and join in on the day.

If you’re already eager to perform on the day, we’ll book you in ahead of time, and any space that’s left we’ll fill on the day in a first come first served fashion. We’ll start off with 15 minute maximum time-slots to begin with, with the possibility of more time if spots aren’t filled.

And if there seems to be an appetite for the Open Mic kind of event in Coober Pedy, we’ll make it a regular occurrence.

To book yourself a spot, or if you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please call Melissa from Dusty on 0476 058 627.