Pill testing will start at festivals in Queensland according to the state’s health minister in a press conference this week.

Experts believe the program will be modeled off the CanTEST pill testing program from the ACT.  Pill Testing in the nations capital has been ongoing for a number of years, and has been regarded as a success by activists and experts.

The opposition have made their position on pill testing clear, with deputy leader of the Queensland Liberal National Party stating that pill testing “sends the wrong idea”.  Though much has been said for the prospective program, exact details on how the pill testing will be conducted is yet to come out and will be revealed in time.

Image: Image: Shutterstock – Eskymaks

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Featured In Story: Yvette D’Arth – Queensland State Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, Jarrod Bleijie – Deputy Leader of the Queensland State Liberal National Party, and Dr David Caldicott – Clinical Lead of the Government Pill Testing in the ACT – Emergency Medicine Consultant – Senior Clinical Lecturer at Australian National University

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 1 March 2023